Setting Up Expatriate Assignments: Choosing The Right Dual Payroll

15 September 2014
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If you're setting up an expatriate assignment, you need to consider the best way to manage your assignee's payroll. A dual payroll can help deal with tax and legal restrictions, and can also protect employees from unwanted fees and exchange rate costs. Human resources departments often have a number of dual payroll options to consider, so it's vital that you set the employee up in the right way. Learn more about the different types of dual payroll, and how you can choose the right option. Read More 

4 Tax Breaks That Self Employed People Can Receive

3 July 2014
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One of the biggest challenges that you face when starting your own business is figuring out how to handle your own taxes. You have to be mindful of this now, since you can no longer count on taxes being automatically taken out by an employer. If you are now one of 22 million self employed people and want to learn how to take care of your taxes, consider these four common tax deductions for self employed people. Read More